In 2010 I began my journey into web development, creating my first website for a solar startup. A few months prior to that I had just started learning how to code with C++. I quickly switched to HTML when I saw how easy it was to get something to show up on the screen and soon after I discovered JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and Linux.

Over the course of a decade I developed my core skills while working for several companies and as a freelancer. In 2016 I moved from my home state of California to Texas where I worked for an agency as a backend developer. I quit in 2018 to focus on my own projects and help with some startup companies. Unfortunately those projects didn't pan out, but I did walk away with valuable experience and a better understanding of what it takes to build and launch a successful software product.

Now I spend my time consulting for startups and small companies and maintaining the online ordering system for restaurants which I built and launched in 2021.