I've tried to narrow down the remaining tasks to the absolute minimum needed to launch but the software needs to reach some level of feature stability because I don't want to introduce radical changes to existing users. I have high standards and it's hard for me to release something that I don't believe is ready. Just because it's good enough for me to use privately doesn't mean it's good enough for the public.

I don't want to rush things. If I need this entire month to prepare this for the launch then I should take this entire month. If I need another 2 months, then I should take another 2 months. I'm learning as I go. This is the first app I've built with Laravel and Vue. It's also my first SaaS product. If I wanted something basic, I could have built something basic, but basic would not have met my needs. This is a viable product. It's viable because it has already helped me organize my projects and keep track of billable hours and it has the potential to do a lot more.

Instead of speeding up, I could make an argument for slowing down. I could produce content in tandem with development and document my process. I need an audience. When I do launch, I need people to notify. That's the type of launch I'm shooting for. If I have zero emails then zero people will be notified and no one will sign up.

This is more than just a coding project, it's a product and it deserves its share of time spent on marketing and marketing needs to begin before the launch.