It's been 6 months since my last devlog and as much as I'd like to discuss everything that's gone on since then it's mostly a blur to me now. I should probably post more often.

What I can talk about is what has happened recently. I launched! ... but I have no users. So for the last month I've been trying to figure out how to get users.

One of the first things I did that was marketing related was to set up analytics so that I could track visitors and know if my future marketing efforts are paying off. I installed Google Analytics and Fathom before I even launched. After testing out Fathom for a while and learning about their attitude towards privacy, I started leaning towards using their analytics platform exclusively.

Here's a screenshot of the dashboard where you can see the number of unique visitors, page views, referrers, devices, browsers, and countries all from one place. (I'm pretty sure all of this traffic is from me - yes even Mexico)

Ishuro's analytics dashboard on Fathom

With analytics covered, I started improving my blog. I was using an open source Laravel package that had a lot of cool features and made it easy to publish articles, but like most web-based publishing platforms I've tried, it just felt restrictive. So to have one less excuse not to post I migrated my entire website from Laravel to a static site generator. I knew that this had the potential to load pages much faster and I wasn't missing out by eliminating the backend. Also, using Laravel and running a server for my website was overkill.

After researching static site generators, I chose to rebuild my site using Nuxt.js. With Nuxt I can make each page and blog post its own Vue component. This level of flexibility gives me the option to draft each post in HTML, reuse existing components, or any combination of the two. I knew it would be a lot more work to create new content, especially at the start as I built up my library of components, but I believe the freedom to shape each post into whatever I want will be worth it.

I am especially happy with the syntax highlighting for the code examples.

Syntax highlighting with Prism

Finally, I wanted to make it really easy to publish changes so I decided I'd try a hosting platform I had heard about recently - Netlify. After getting set up on Netlify, my deployment process was simple: commit and push changes to Github and have Netlify automatically handle the rest. I didn't have any CI/CD set up for my site when it was using Laravel so this was a major improvement.

And that about brings us to where I am today. Marketing is no joke and I've only just started laying the foundation. I plan to focus on content marketing and experiment with advertising but we'll see.

As for Ishuro itself, it currently has issue tracking and time tracking at its core. All your issues are organized into project boards with draggable lists and cards. You can create clients, assign projects to them and generate reports. Since I wanted to launch sooner, I had to cut out collaborators and teams, but I still plan on adding those in.

I think in the future I will spend more time talking about the actual features as I build them, but if you want to know more about where the project stands today you can visit the project page. You can also, of course, sign up at if you want to try it out firsthand.