Not a whole lot going on this week, just worked on designing the pricing page. I've been playing around with the idea of offering free accounts after looking at other software services that focus on collaboration. You'll notice that I included a Basic (free) plan in the mockup below.

Mockup of new pricing page.

A free plan could remove the barrier for new users to join and it would create the potential for virality. I would limit the number of projects for users with free accounts to provide some incentive for them to upgrade. Privacy could be another reason to upgrade as free users' projects would be viewable by the public, while Pro users would have the option to make their projects private.

I've also got a Teams plan in the mockup. Even though I haven't fully hashed out the features this would give users access to, I'm thinking this plan should be geared towards agencies and other organizations. Both Basic and Pro would allow users to have collaborators on their projects so I would need to offer something more to justify the cost.